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Phone: 928-223-4823
Fax: 202-381-9567
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Did you know that having a QUALITY direct primary care doctor can:

Cover 90% of your TOTAL health needs
Reduce referrals to specialists by 86%
Reduce ER and urgent care use by 40%
Reduce hospitalizations by 20%

Remedy’s Direct Primary Care is different than the usual primary care office

  • Modern healthcare with insurance is failing patients by stealing time away from patients and providers, adding bureaucracy and a lack of transparency, and twisting motivations to encourage rapid, substandard, fragmented care. This is why we don’t bill through health insurance of any kind at Remedy Direct Primary Care. We earn money through a low monthly membership that helps us focus on patients, not on billing.
  • We are committed to devoting time to our members; people of all ages, genders, and walks of life. Your appointment won’t be cut short! Our goal is to have you see your chosen provider either the same day or within 48 hours.
  • We strive for excellent access to our doctors. You’ll have access to our direct phone number and email. You can contact our doctors by phone, text, email, video, or in person.
  • We strive to save you money on prescriptions, labs, imaging, and medical equipment costs. Quality primary care which is easily accessible can help prevent hospitalization, ER visits, or unnecessary bills from urgent care. All our pricing is 100% transparent. No surprises here.
  • We are committed to fostering a long-term trusting relationship with all our patients so you can find the health you were meant to have. Our doctors are committed to staying around for you.

Just because you have insurance coverage, doesn’t mean you have quality healthcare coverage. We know because we’ve seen it from both sides.

In a direct primary care model, the doctor serves the PATIENT first, not the insurance company. 

Insurance reimbursements to traditional healthcare facilities are widely variable. Each facility takes those limited reimbursements and has to divide it between many individuals, departments, and 3x higher operating costs. Healthcare providers are pressured to see more and more patients to make ends meet. . . the patient becomes a dollar sign.

But with Remedy Direct Primary Care, we don’t get paid per visit and most of our procedures are free. Our overhead costs are low so your dollars go more directly to your care. You can visit your doctor QUICKER, stay for LONGER, and are NOT penalized for having additional follow-up visits beyond a yearly health maintenance exam.

Let’s talk about membership benefits

  • Being seen within 48 business hours for urgent appointments. We’re open early AND late!
  • Having an unrushed appointment in the office or via telemedicine (YOUR choice)
  • Unparalleled accessibility to a consistent doctor, which has been proven to reduce ER and urgent care visits by 40% (average ER cost $2,300+) and hospitalizations by 20%. 
  • Most in-house procedures and services include things like FREE stitches, EKGs, cryotherapy, steroid joint injections, skin lesion removal, point-of-care ultrasounds, etc.
  • The option to buy your medications at our low wholesale prices (we average 30% cheaper than even GoodRx prices). Think of it like getting Sam’s Club or Costco prices for your meds.
  • The option to get your blood drawn in the office with negotiated rates with LabCorp. Imagine ALL your annual labs costing $15-$20. That’s a 90% reduction in cost!
  • We do most ultrasounds in-house (those that Dr. Mike is trained to do)
  • No surprise or inflated bills… EVER

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