Pricing Options

Affordable Primary Care Medicine that works for YOU not the insurance company.

No price gouging.
No surprise bills.
No unknowns.

Problem: You’ve been waiting for your “urgent” doctor’s appointment for two weeks only to be rushed through in nine minutes, cut off after talking about two issues, and THEN you get a bill for $160 AFTER the insurance is applied. And the doctor seemed like they were concentrating more on their computer screen than on you.

Sounds frustrating? We think so too.

Solution: Welcome to direct primary care. A new, old-fashioned approach to primary care. All our billing is up-front so you know exactly what you’re dealing with and most procedures are included in your monthly membership.

NO copays. No per-visit fees. EVER.

Monthly Membership Pricing

3-month minimum commitment. Then month-to-month.

Age 0 – 18

$20 – monthly*
$200 – annual*

*$20/month pricing requires at least ONE adult caregiver to sign up with the child. The caregiver needs to be seen within 4 weeks of the child’s first appt. If no adult caregiver signs up, the child’s monthly price is $60/month.
($40 savings if choosing an annual membership with an adult caregiver’s joint membership)

Age 19 – 29*

$35 – monthly
$360 – annual

*If a 19-year-old is still living at home with parents, we will apply the $20 child rate for 1 year
($60 savings if choosing an annual membership)

Age 30 – 44

$55 – monthly
$600 – annual

($60 savings if choosing an annual membership)

Age 45 – 64

$75 – monthly
$840 – annual

“Annual” bloodwork labs are offered at no additional charge
($60 savings if choosing an annual membership)

Age 65+

$99 monthly
$1100 – annual

Annual labs and quarterly “routine” labs are offered at no charge if you don’t have Medicare
($88 savings if choosing an annual membership)

Homebound? We can do home visits!

$25 per visit surcharge if living > 5 miles from the clinic (fees may be waived upon the discretion of the physician). If you live too far away from the clinic, the physician may be unable to accommodate a home visit, but telemedicine is ALWAYS a free option.

Are there ANY additional fees or hidden charges?

Send-out labs, medications, and imaging pricing are available at discounted rates. Inquire for details. All in-house labs are included at no charge. Most procedures are included at no charge (see below). No limitations on visits per month.

List of common procedures

Non-members can request any of the below procedures, consultation can be done same-day and is complementary.

Item Member Price Non-Member Price Market Price
Laceration Repair Free $200-500 $170-1600
Skin Lesion Removal (foreign bodies, moles, lipoma, etc)* Free $50-300 $110-3000
Cryotherapy / Trichloracetic Acid for warts/precancers Free $30-100 $92-280
Vasectomy $150 $500 $600-2000+
IUD Removal (insertion is $50 more for non-members) Free $75 $200-600
Nexplanon Insertion or Removal Free $100 $225-350
Circumcision $75 $250 $275-850
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections $40 $300 $400-800
Prolotherapy Injections (set of 3) Free $225 $300-600
Steroid Joint Injections (No spinal injections) Free $125 per site $150-300 per site
EKG (with interpretation) Free $30 $40-125
Spirometry (Pulmonary Function Testing – no diffusion gradient) Free $50 $60-188
Ingrown toenail removal or partial wedge resection Free $150 $298-930
Skin biopsy (pathology included for non-members) Free* $190 $228-710
Point-of-care Ultrasound (AAA scan, Shoulder, Knee, Gallbladder, Bladder Post-void Residual, DVT scan, abdominal pregnancy fetal position/size check [not anatomy scan] etc) Free $50 per 30 min $116-590
IV Fluids (1-liter done in-house) $20 $60 $91-285
Overnight Pulse Oximetry $0 $45 $85
48 Hour Holter Monitor $70 $150 $200
Ear wax cleaning Free $50-75 $112
*Members pay pathology fees at our clinic’s cost or through insurance.

Just ask us if you are looking for something, not on this list.

Please send questions via email to