Pricing Options

Affordable Primary Care Medicine that works for YOU not the insurance company.

No price gouging.
No surprise bills.
No unknowns.

Problem: You’ve been waiting for your “urgent” doctor’s appointment for two weeks only to be rushed through in nine minutes, cut off after talking about two issues, and THEN you get a bill for $160 AFTER the insurance is applied. And the doctor seemed like they were concentrating more on their computer screen than on you.

Sounds frustrating? We think so too.

Solution: Welcome to direct primary care. A new, old-fashioned approach to primary care. All our billing is up-front so you know exactly what you’re dealing with and most procedures are included in your monthly membership.

NO copays. No per-visit fees. EVER.

Monthly Membership Pricing

3-month minimum commitment. Then month-to-month.

Age 0 – 18

$20 – monthly*
$200 – annual*

*$20/month pricing requires at least ONE adult caregiver to sign up with the child. The caregiver needs to be seen within 4 weeks of the child’s first appt. If no adult caregiver signs up, the child’s monthly price is $60/month.
($40 savings if choosing an annual membership with an adult caregiver’s joint membership)

Age 19 – 39*

$55 – monthly**
$600 – annual

*If a 19-year-old is still living at home with their parents, we will apply the $20 child rate for 1 year if an adult in their home is also a member
($60 savings if choosing an annual membership).

**If you are an active student in college, then you are eligible for a $20/month discount on the monthly plan.

Age 40 – 64

$75 – monthly
$840 – annual

“Annual” bloodwork labs are offered at no additional charge
($60 savings if choosing an annual membership)

**If you are an active student in college, then you are eligible for a $20/month discount on the monthly plan.

Age 65+

$99 monthly
$1100 – annual

Annual labs and quarterly “routine” labs are offered at no charge if you don’t have Medicare
($88 savings if choosing an annual membership)

Homebound? We can do home visits!

$25 per visit surcharge if travel time < 10 minutes and/or < 45-minute visit. Longer visits or longer travel times are $50 (fees may be waived at the discretion of the physician). If you live too far away from the clinic, the physician may be unable to accommodate a home visit, but telemedicine is ALWAYS a free option.

Are there ANY additional fees or hidden charges?

Send-out labs, medications, and imaging pricing are available at discounted rates. Inquire for details. All in-house labs are included at no charge. Most procedures are included at no charge (see below). No limitations on visits per month.

Lab draws cost $5 + the cost of the lab (usually just a few dollars) and prescription fills cost $2.50 plus the cost of the prescription (which is typically less than the GoodRX price).

We do not charge per visit. However, if by provider discretion it is determined that we are unable to provide safe and quality care at an appropriate level for your unique needs, then we will work with you to transition your care to another organization more equipped to meet your needs.

List of common procedures

Item Member Price Market Price
Laceration Repair $25 (sutures, skin glue, or staples) $170-1600
Skin Lesion Removal (foreign bodies, moles, lipoma, etc)* Free $110-3000
Cryotherapy / Trichloracetic Acid for warts/precancers Free $92-280
Vasectomy $150 $600-2000+
IUD Removal Free $200-600
Nexplanon Insertion or Removal Free $225-350
Circumcision $75 $275-850
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections $100 $500 (not with ultrasound guidance) – $1000
Prolotherapy Injections (set of 3) Free $300-600
Steroid Joint Injections (No spinal injections) Free $150-300 per site
EKG (with interpretation) Free $40-125
Spirometry (Pulmonary Function Testing – no diffusion gradient) Free $60-188
Ingrown toenail removal or partial wedge resection Free $298-930
Skin biopsy (pathology not included) Free* $228-710
Point-of-care Ultrasound (AAA scan, Shoulder, Knee, Gallbladder, Bladder Post-void Residual, DVT scan, abdominal pregnancy fetal position/size check [not anatomy scan] etc) Free $116-590
IV Fluids (1-liter done in-house) $75 (additives cost extra) $91-285
Home Sleep Test $75 $350
Overnight Pulse Oximetry $0 $85
48 Hour Holter Monitor $75 (+$10 for each day past 48h) $200
Ear wax cleaning Free $112
Therapeutic Phlebotomy $20 $305
*Members pay pathology fees at our clinic’s cost or through insurance.

Just ask us if you are looking for something not on this list.

Please send questions via email to