Financial FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do I first get charged?

A:  You get charged the first month you sign up on either the 5th or the 20th.

Q: What payment methods do you take?

A: Credit cards, debit cards, checks, and cash. Although we have minimal cash on hand in the office and will typically give account credit as “change” instead of actual cash change. 

Q: I joined after the month started; why should I pay for the whole month?

A: Some companies do prorated rates in cases like this. Our current policy has a similar benefit for you. If your first medical visit is after the 5th, we would prefer you to choose the 20th as your auto-charge date. Otherwise, we will bill you right away for the month and then set you up with the 5th as your autocharge date in the future. If you are seen before the 5th for your first appointment, then you can do the 5th or the 20th as your first autocharge date. If you are seen after the 20th, then you can set the 5th as your auto-charge date or we will run your bill right away at your first visit.

Q: I received a bill and it’s more than my membership fee! Why is this?

A: In your emailed invoice, you should have a breakdown of where the fees come from. Often a lab fee, IV fluid, prescription, or complicated procedure fee will be added on as a one-time charge to your monthly membership fee. You will always know the exact amount to expect before you receive your bill. If you prefer to pay for the extra product/service when it’s received, please let us know and we can push the charge through immediately. 

Q: What if I don’t see the doctor that month? Do I still have to pay the membership fee?

A: Yes. The way that we can keep our prices low and offer such a wide variety of free services and discounts is to have the predictability of steady income. If you are ever in doubt that you are milking us for all we are worth, please call! We can take a look at your particular situation and see what further discounts or free services/procedures we can provide to you. 

Q: What if my credit or debit card gets stolen?!

A: Let us know as soon as possible. We can send out a secure cc/debit request link in your email once you have a replacement card. 

Q: Your child memberships are such a great deal! Can I sign up my child by themself?

A: You can sign up all of your children at either $20/month or $200/year (that’s two months for free!) as long as you sign up at least ONE adult caregiver with them. If it makes more financial sense for you to sign up your child alone (no caregiver), the child price per month is $60/month. 

Q: I signed up my child and they were seen in the clinic. I’m on board with joining as well, but how soon do I need to be seen to start my membership?: Once the child is seen and a subscription is started, their caregiver needs to be seen in the clinic within 4 weeks to start their subscription.

Financial Policies

General Policies

  • For new patients, billing begins on the 5th or the 20th of the month you sign up.
  • All patients who are members of Remedy Direct Primary Care are billed monthly, regardless of whether they have multiple visits or no visits that month. 
  • Billing for prescriptions will be explained by the dispensing physician at the point of care. Billing for lab fees and service charges outside of the monthly membership fee is explained based on the currently published policy on the website at and/or the price of the client-billed lab at the time the order was placed. 
  • All bills are calculated monthly and an invoice is generated on the first of each month. Payments are then automatically deducted on one of the following dates: 5th or 20th of the month. Your auto payment date is established in communication with our staff when you set up your auto billing. 
  • You can pay annually, quarterly, or monthly for your membership fees. 
  • You can pay by credit card, debit card, or checking account (ACH). Cash or checks are accepted but not for monthly membership billing unless you pay for more than one month at a time.
  • Patients will automatically receive an email with a secure link to an invoice that demonstrates the charges due and payments made. We can also generate and email a PDF of your invoice at any time. This includes the option of yearly invoice summaries.
  • Patients who have a failed payment upon their auto payment date receive an automated email notifying them of a failed payment. If they go online using the link in that email, they can pay their bill without our staff getting involved. If patients do not make their payment on time, we will reach out for clarification to reconcile any errors in the automated payment method.

3 Month Minimum

  • Memberships which are canceled require a phone call, text message, or email message establishing the date of cancellation. There is no fee for canceling.  
  • We must receive written notification of a plan to cancel a membership 72 hours before the desired stop date. 
  • If a patient fails to notify us of a desire to cancel within 72 hours of their next auto-charge date, they may get charged for the next month of membership. 
  • If the canceled membership is still within the 3-month initial membership phase, the patient is still obligated to pay the remainder of the 3-month membership fee and any lab or prescription charges not yet paid.
  • Patients who have paid for 4+ months but then wish to leave before their paid-for time is up will get a prorated refund of their remaining paid-for time minus a $15 refund fee. 
  • Patients who pay in advance (annually or quarterly) and then die or otherwise move from Arizona will have their membership refunded according to a prorated amount.

Failed Payments, Late Fees, and Restart Fees

  • If a member wishes to restart their membership that was willingly canceled or archived after lack of payment, there will be a one-time $150 per person fee added to the regular membership fee.
  • If a member is archived TWICE due to non-payment they are ineligible to return to be a member of Remedy DPC even if they are willing to pay the $150 per person restart fee again.
  • If your chart is archived twice due to non-payment, you will not be allowed back as a patient even if you are willing to pay the restart fee again. Also, if we determine that your level of emotional or medical care is beyond the capacity of our office to provide you with safe and effective medical care, we will aid you in the transition to a bigger organization that can better handle your case.
  • You have 28 days after the auto-pay date to pay the lingering charges. Only one late fee will be given. All pending bills are still due. After 28 days beyond the auto-bill date, your account is placed on hold and you cannot receive care, advice, prescriptions, refills, etc until your remaining charges are paid.
  • After 35 days beyond the auto-pay date, if you have not reached out to us, your chart is archived (closed) and you will have to pay a restart fee to resume care. All pending bills are still due.