Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

Direct Primary Care is a growing type of medical practice that eliminates third parties like insurance in order to provide affordable, convenient, high-quality medical care directly to patients.

By contracting directly with patients, DPC doctors can focus completely on your health.  We provide high-quality, evidence-based medicine at an affordable monthly price.  You won’t be shuffled around to an unfamiliar physician or non-physician provider. One low monthly fee includes virtually unlimited access to your physician, including telephone and video conferencing when medically appropriate.

Membership Duration

In order to maximize our quality from a relationship-focused experience, all memberships start at 3-months minimum and after that move to a month-to-month. You can enroll in a 1-year membership to save more money. You could also choose to have a procedure done without enrolling in a membership (see our pricing page for a list of procedures or email/call us).


Check out our pricing for common procedures and memberships on our pricing page –

In accordance with the “No Surprises Act” you have the right to receive a “Good Faith Estimate” explaining how much your medical care will cost. If the pricing is unclear or you are asking for something beyond our current pricing list, please ask and we will give you an honest estimate.

Do you bill insurance?

No, we never bill insurance. We will work with you and your insurance if you can get cheaper medical equipment, prescriptions, labs, or imaging through insurance compared to our cash rates. We can also offer invoices for you to submit to insurance on your own (this will not work with Medicare, unfortunately).

Lab costs?

We have no lab draw fee. Labs can be done through insurance or through our office’s negotiated rate. All lab fees are determined by our associated labs: LabCorp or Sonora Quest. We have negotiated rates to save you money by having much more affordable cash rates. These negotiations prevent us from telling non-members the exact prices but check out the pricing scenarios to get an idea of our lab rates (we average 10% of usual costs) –

Imaging costs?

We have an account with Simon-Medical Imaging & Northern Arizona Radiology. We can save you money as a member by offering free point-of-care ultrasound by Dr. Mike. We also can get you discounted rates through our contacts at the above imaging centers.

Do I need insurance? What about hospitalization?

Direct primary care is not insurance. We recommend you pair your membership with a high-deductible health insurance, health sharing plan, or another form of catastrophic coverage for the 10% of medical care which falls outside of primary care. We will try hard to keep you healthy and not need ER visits, urgent care, or as many specialty visits but sometimes emergencies happen and we cannot take the place of hospital care.

Does Remedy offer OB Care?

As family physicians, we are trained in prenatal and postnatal care, but at this time we are not offering full-service prenatal care. However, we are eager to partner with your obstetrician or nurse midwife to round out your prenatal experience! After your delivery, we would be happy to help you through the “fourth trimester” with maternal and newborn care services. A lot happens in those first six weeks and we want to be available to you, your new baby, and your family as you make that transition.

Both Dr. Mike and Dr. Laura offer other kinds of women’s health care.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Please call ahead of time to check our schedule. In order to maintain a quality experience for our current members, we make sure to allow room in the schedule to work our patients in for urgent needs. If we are not busy we’d be happy to see you. Especially while the practice is still growing, we can likely work you in to our schedule same-day.

Are you Concierge?

No, we are not concierge because we do not bill you per visit on top of your membership fee. Also, we don’t bill your insurance for our services. We believe we offer similar accessibility, quality of service, and personalized care as one might find with concierge care. Direct primary care is like more affordable concierge medicine for anyone. (check out our blog for more on this topic)

Is there a limit to the number of visits I can use?

We do not charge per visit. However, if by provider discretion it is determined that we are unable to provide safe and quality care at an appropriate level for your unique needs. In that situation, we will work with you to transition your care to another organization more equipped to meet your needs.

Do you have a list of financial policies?

Yes! Check out our full financial policy FAQs here!

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Enrolling does not guarantee membership but allows us to reach out and set up a meet and greet to confirm that our model of healthcare is a good fit for you.

There is no enrollment fee. If you cancel after the 3-month minimum commitment and then re-enroll within 1 year, there is a $150 re-enrollment fee.