DPC for Employers

We know how important it is to keep your overhead down AND provide for your employees.
Employers with 5 or more employees enrolling can claim a $60 per employee per month rate for membership.

Research has shown that employers can lower healthcare costs up to 40% by partnering with a direct primary care clinic.

Your employees can get seen faster with our direct access model. We help you improve employee satisfaction with benefits, reduce downtime from sick or injured employees, and control healthcare expenditures. A DPC membership, paired with either a high deductible healthcare coverage or an employer-based Zion healthshare account can give both affordable primary care and catastrophic financial risk protection for your employees.

We understand that it might simply come down to the numbers. If you’re interested in getting a detailed evaluation of how a DPC clinic could benefit your business, please refer to the link below. In particular review pages 36-45 that details a Case Study Generalized Actuarial Framework for Funding Employer DPC Options.

Dr Mike Druschel on the Summit of Mount Adams

Let Us Help You Reach Your Peak Success!

When YOU thrive, WE thrive!

It’s our core belief to have transparent communication with our patients and businesses that we work with.

Like ALL health plans, Remedy Direct Primary Care has limitations. We hope to minimize these limitations by the following:

  • Offering medicines nearly at cost to all members. We can generally beat Good Rx prices by 30%
  • Seeing patients within 24-48 hours reduces the need for expensive urgent care visits
  • Negotiated cash rates with labs and imaging that often decreases these prices even below traditional post-applied insurance rates
  • Many common procedures are included in our monthly membership fee, reducing the need to pay for these out of pocket

Please click the buttons below to learn more about how DPC doctors are advocating and actively changing the laws to better support DPC offices across the country. We’re moving onward and upward! We are fortunate that Arizona supports Direct Primary Care clinics.